Basic Concept

MCP Concept figure

Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) is a service-oriented architecture that is composed of three core components:

  • Maritime Identity Registry (MIR): MIR has the objective to enable an authentication of all maritime stakeholders in the context of the Maritime Connectivity Platform and thus increasing the security and reliability of communication. This goal is archived by providing a trustworthy infrastructure for identity authentication of maritime entities like human actors, services and devices.
  • Maritime Service Registry (MSR): MSR is supposed to serve as a central reference point to provide and find services and thus to improve the visibility and accessibility of available information and services in the maritime domain. It’s best compared with a yellow pages phone book.
  • Maritime Messaging Service (MMS): MMS offers secure and efficient communication for the maritime domain. MMS is a message broker platform that delivers message to destination through both IP and non-IP communication channel by utilizing Maritime Resource Name (MRN) as endpoint address.